– Link architects –
established by its two co founders Renos Vakratsas & Margarita Tsouka,
who have been closely collaborating since 2002.

Their common vision was the constitution of a “Developing Team” of which the main scope is
to join Architects & Designers, in a brainstorming project of architectural ideas, views and
solutions, distinguished by high aesthetics, strong identity and functionality.

Link architects’ Philosophy
is based on linking

Art & Science
Natural & Artificial
Conception & Use
Function & Shape
Tradition & Innovation
Ephemeral & Diachronic
Inspiration & Realization
Architects & Engineers

Link architects’ Principles
are based on balancing an environmentally sensitive approach with the candidness
of the construction depending on the uniqueness of each project.

Link architects’ Aim
is to accomplish the requirements & needs of our clients, through continuous scientific
research, providing innovative solutions & offering design ideas from initial concept
to integrated structure.

Link architects’ Consulting Services
deal with a wide range of public, hotels, commercial & condominium projects,
which often involves master planning and project management as well as design. Our scope is to provide our clients solutions, consistently assisting them in reaching their objectives, exceeding their requirements and assuring satisfaction to optimize their outcome, by Linking and collaborating with other qualified professionals specialized in their fields.